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Weight Loss Program
Discover Your Fat Burning Type! 
What if you could discover your fat burning type and BLOW through your weight loss plateau?  
Let's be honest..

You DO try.. 

You try to eat better and exercise more...

but for some reason you fall off the wagon.
Maybe you hit a plateau and got frustrated... 
Maybe you tried everything but the weight just wouldn't come off. 
What I find most often is that it is not for lack of trying, 
It is simply that you don't know what you don't know...  
What I mean is... 
You simply don't understand your specific fat burning type...  
Making it next to impossible to reach your goals! 
The good news??  
It can be different this time.  
Once you discover YOUR specific fat burning type and make the matching necessary changes, reaching your goals no longer have to be a struggle.  
So I created a simple, not too long, not too short, quiz so you can find out your type ...and finally have it easy.  
You deserve it.  
So even if you’re just curious... 
Click the button below and take the quiz! 
Make this year, YOUR YEAR! 
Sincerely and in Health, 
- Dr. Ida Allen
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